Using An Experienced Immigration Lawyer To Pursue Legal Citizenship

The process of applying for and earning legal citizenship can be challenging. The laws for legally immigrating to and staying in the country continuously change. Even more, the test that you have to take and pass can call for information that you simply do not have right now.

Instead of failing in your pursuit, you can hire an attorney to assist you with the process. You can take advantage of the services that an experienced immigration lawyer can offer to citizenship applicants like you.

Proving Your Identity

When you want to become a legal citizen, you can expect to be required to show proof of your identity. The federal government needs to know that you are who you say you are and that you are not using someone else's identity to become a citizen.

With that, the government may require that you provide copies of your birth certificate, driver's license, or other documentation from your home country. If you are not sure of how to secure this documentation, you can hire an immigration lawyer to assist you. Your attorney will know what bureaus and agencies in your home country to contact and help you secure the right paperwork to prove that you are not using another person's identity.

Studying for the Test

Throughout the process of you applying for citizenship, you also will need to study for the citizenship test. This test can be extensive and call for you to know in-depth facts about American civics and history. It can be challenging to remember all of this information if you wait until the last minute to study for the test.

Your immigration lawyer, however, can provide you with materials, such as study pamphlets and online resources, to help you prepare for this test. You can study little by little each day or week. By the time that all of your paperwork is finished and you are on the waiting list to be approved for citizenship, you may know most or all of the facts that you need to pass the test.

Finally, your immigration lawyer will ensure that you know where to go to take your oath of citizenship. They may accompany you to this ceremony and witness it for you.

An immigration lawyer can provide critical benefits for people who want to pursue citizenship. They can secure documentation and help you prepare for the test. 

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