How an Article 116 Lawyer Can Help With German Citizenship Reinstatement

Article 116 was a landmark legislation geared towards German people that were oppressed during the Nazi regime. It allows them to have their German citizenship status reinstated if it was taken away. If you're looking to use this article to become a German citizen, it helps to hire an Article 116 lawyer because of the help they can offer. 

See if You're Eligible

Prior to trying to regain a German citizen status, it's a good idea to talk to an Article 116 lawyer about your eligibility. Not just anyone can apply for this status; there are stipulations that must be met first.

An Article 116 lawyer will go through them with you, finding out about your German heritage and your family's potential hardships faced during the Nazi regime. They can look up this information so that you're guided along the right path one way or another. If you are eligible, having this simple confirmation from this attorney really makes a difference in moving forward with hope and confidence. 

Help You Follow the Required Filing Procedures

There are certain things you have to do when applying for German citizenship under Article 116. Rather than trying to guess what these protocols are or not observing them correctly, you can work with an Article 116 lawyer.

They'll show you important steps you need to take, such as which German organization you need to work with and when important filing dates come up. Thanks to this hands-on assistance, you won't be as worried or face as many delays with this process because of mistakes. 

Break Down the Reinstatement Process

If you do qualify for German citizenship reinstatement because of your family history, then you want to know how this process will go. You won't have any important information left out when you speak to an Article 116 lawyer that specializes in German citizenship reinstatements. 

They'll go through the process in its entirety, from the application process to the documents you'll have to provide. Having this general outline can help you stay on track and ultimately get approved at the end.

German citizenship can be reinstated for victims of the Nazi regime or those that have family members that were. All you need to do is sit down with an Article 116 lawyer to discuss important things like eligibility and filing processes. They can help you manage everything to save time and stress. Talk to a lawyer to learn more.