3 Things To Know About Fiancé Visas

If you want to bring your fiancé over to the United States so that you can get married, then they are likely to need a fiancé visa to gain legal entry to the country. Like any immigration process, this visa has various rules that you will have to meet to prove visa eligibility.

Read on to learn more about what you need to know.

1. You Both Have to Apply

While your fiancé is the person who needs a visa, you are both involved in the application process. Typically you file an initial application that asks the government to recognize your relationship and intent to marry a foreign national.

If all goes well, your fiancé will then be given approved status as an Alien Fiancé. However, they don't get their visa yet. They then have to apply for the actual visa in the country in which they live.

2. You Have to Meet Eligibility Conditions

The government will expect you to meet certain conditions before they issue a fiancé visa. For example, both of you have to be legally single and able to marry each other.

You might be asked to prove that you have a real relationship and aren't using a marriage of convenience to get your partner a green card. You also typically have to prove that you have met your fiancé in person at least once in the last couple of years. You might still get a visa if it hasn't been possible to do this; however, it can make things more complicated.

3. You Have a Deadline to Get Married

Fiancé visas are issued to people who come to the country to marry a U.S. citizen. They basically give the right of entry and permission to stay and work in the country for a limited amount of time before they expire.

For example, your fiancé's visa will typically last for 90 days. You have to get married in that time to move on to the next stage of the naturalization process.

If you don't meet this deadline, then the visa will expire, and your fiancé will have to leave the country. So, you should plan and time your wedding carefully.

Applying for any visa can be a complex process. To boost your chances of success and speed up your application, consult a green card lawyer. They can guide you through the process until you are married and your fiancé can apply for permanent status. For more information, contact a green card lawyer near you.